Joining the lab, in general:

Graduate students can join the lab through both the Integrative Microbiology and Biochemistry (IMB) and Organismal Biology and Ecology (OBE) programs. I encourage interested undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows to contact me directly.

The research environment at the University of Montana:

The Division of Biological Sciences and the College of Forestry is home to a diverse group of labs, many of which have overlapping interests in microbes, genomics, evolution, symbiosis, and insect biology. Some of the labs that students and post-docs could expect easy and frequent intereactions with are:

Jeff Good, mammalian population genetics and genomics.

Scott Miller, microbial evolution and ecology.

Frank Rosenzweig, microbial genome evolution.

Lila Fishman, plant evolutionary genetics.

Diana Six, bark beetle-fungal symbioses.

Doug Emlen, insect morphological evolution.

Gordon Luikart, population genetics and conservation.

Fred Allendorf, evolution, population genetics, and conservation biology.