Missoula is an awesome little town

Missoula is a great place, for most people, depending on what you like doing. If you like friendly people, good food, great beer and coffee, rivers, lakes, mountains, pleasant weather (it's warmer than you think), not being stuck in a car commuting, and just generally having a high-quality day-to-day life, then I suspect you would like Missoula. But don't just take my word for it—here's a pdf of an article about Missoula from Smithsonian Magazine by Missoula resident and author Rick Bass.


It's not all work

We like to work hard, we try to make an impact in our field, but we also like to have fun. Here's a pic from a combined McCutcheon-Good lab meeting, floating on the Clark Fork river, about 30 minutes from campus ...

Oh my.

And here's Patrick Abbot, visting from Vanderbilt University, working on his drift on Rock Creek (one hour from campus) after a long day of meetings ...